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The Rauhī Project is a charitable organisation, that empowers children through music, helping them realise and develop their full potential, whatever that may be. 

Our mission is to use music as a tool to create social change in less 

advantageous communities, helping  to nurture a new generation of New Zealanders who are generous, brave, innovative and resilient.  

I was extremely impressed with both the running of the programme and the visible impact that I could see it had on the students who were participating. The students were excited by the music and the atmosphere radiated enthusiasm and positive energy.

- Musician

"Engaging with creative arts is excellent for mental health and self esteem, and I am so happy that the programme gives so many children these opportunities which will help them become balanced individuals and setting them up for success in life."

- Musician

"The programme is simply amazing.  I’ve seen my children thrive with the support of a highly committed group of tutors who share their passion of music with their students."

- Parent


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.