The Rauhī Project was founded in 2015 under the name Sistema Waikato, to promote social change in disadvantaged communities across the Waikato region. The organisation provides access to a rich and meaningful music education that fosters confidence, creativity, pride and well-being in children and their whānau, at no cost. Through partnerships with educational institutions and ongoing tuition with experienced and qualified teachers, students are given the opportunity to become their best self. 

Our program has two teaching delivery methods, In-school instrumental classes for our partner school students and an after school programme is run out of Nawton School Hall for our main choir, musicianship and orchestral classes.  

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Students are invited to join the programme from the Rauhī Project's six partner schools located in the Hamilton West community. This includes Nawton Primary School, Forest Lake School, Vardon School, Crawshaw School, Rhode St School and Maeroa Intermediate School. 

The programme additionally welcomes children who have been homeschooled, or those from families who otherwise could not afford to access music education. 




The Rauhī Project currently offers instrumental tuition in violin, cello, double bass, and flute . This tuition is inspired by the Suzuki method, to provide a holistic, sequential and play-based curriculum, which develops the whole musician, teaching music like a language. The provision of instrumental tuition, enables students to participate in chamber music and orchestral ensembles. Through group music-making, students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively together, nurturing leadership opportunities and communicative skills. 

Students who are passionate about performance and pursuing musical excellence, are given the opportunity to apply for an instrumental scholarship. Instrumental scholarships are awarded annually and provide additional tuition and performance opportunities through local competitions, events and graded examinations.


Alongside instrumental opportunities, students in the programme also participate in classes in musicianship and choir. Influenced by Kodály and Orff methods, these classes offer a responsive and engaging curriculum, where musical skills are nurtured in a developmentally appropriate way. Through play-based learning, musical literacy, theoretical knowledge, composition, improvisation and aural skills are promoted. The combination of these classes, immerse students in a rich musical environment, where anything is possible. 

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